Beard Care: A Step by Step Guide

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Whether you’ve just grown a beard for the first time, or you’ve had one for years, it’s never too late to get in the habit of taking good care of your hair. These simple steps can help you ditch wiry whiskers and say hello to an improved glorious guise. (This routine can be applied to the hair on top of your head too, if a beard simply isn’t your thing.)

Step. 1: Cleanse and Condition

Your beard, just like the rest of you, should be kept clean and moisturized. Everybody and every beard is different, but washing 2-4 times a week is recommended. If you’re out in elements that cause more build up or if you have oily skin, more frequent washing will be necessary. If your skin tends to be dry and you’re not doing anything too rigorous, washing less frequently is advised. Get to know your skin and hair here, let them tell you what they like. We’re often told to wash our faces everyday (twice a day) but doing so actually causes more harm than good for most (if not all) people because over cleansing strips away useful oils that our skin and hair need to stay healthy. Use a shampoo (not soap!) that will thoroughly remove buildup and odor but won’t strip your hair or skin of healthy, natural oils. Avoid any products that contain phthalates, parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde. These have been linked to serious health concerns and will also dry out your hair, which will make your beard more uncomfortable. Follow up every wash with a conditioner to add hydration and get rid of scratchy, wiry hairs. This will give you a beard that’s soft and clean, not dry and brittle. 

Step 2: Pat Dry

After washing and conditioning, dry your beard (& hair) thoroughly by patting it dry with a towel or soft cloth. Do not rub! Rubbing can damage your hairs and cause them to frizz up. Yes, this applies to the hair on top of your head as well. Using an old cotton T-shirt to dry your beard (or wrap your hair in) and is a bit more gentle on your hairs than a towel, and an eco-friendly option if you’re looking to put an old tee to good use.

Step 3: Hydrate with Oils

Next, grab a beard oil to give your beard some much-needed moisture. Keeping your beard soft is the key to not wanting to shave it off and treating your beard with an oil will help keep it from becoming dry and itchy. Add a few drops of oil to your beard and rub throughout to get rid of frizz, flyaways, and coarse, itchy beard hairs. Use a beard oil to refresh your beard (or the ends of your hair) any time it’s feeling tired or dry. Kalme Co.’s LIQUID GOLD is an excellent option here because it’s an all-in-one face, body, & hair oil. The unique blend of non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores) and dry oils is similar to the oil your skin naturally produces so it absorbs well. We recommend the lavender scent if you’re looking for something to calm you a bit (perhaps before a big presentation or if you shower in the evenings) and the geranium if you’re looking for a bit more energy post-shower.

Step 4: Balm Baby

As someone with incredibly sensitive skin, I would start by using a beard oil by itself first and then determine whether or not an additional styling product or extra moisture is necessary before introducing a heavier product. If you decide a little more moisture is needed or your whiskers are on the unruly side, add a beard balm or butter to your routine. The rich texture of balms helps provide long-lasting hydration, so your beard stays itch and irritation-free all day long. For easy styling, try a balm with a light hold. If you’re washing your beard less frequently, consider a balm that has antimicrobial properties or essential oils such as sage or tea tree.*

Step 5: Comb it Out

Comb your beard daily to eliminate tangling and to spread the oils and/or butters evenly throughout your hair. Combing and brushing your beard also increases blood flow to your face, which helps stimulate growth and can lead to a thicker, fuller beard.

*If there’s any interest, I’m open to the idea of introducing a beard balm to the Kalme Co. product line, simply let me know by CLICKING HERE 

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