RITUAL Fragrance Roller
RITUAL Fragrance Roller
RITUAL Fragrance Roller
RITUAL Fragrance Roller
RITUAL Fragrance Roller
Kalme Co.

RITUAL Fragrance Roller

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RITUAL Fragrance oil is a harmonious blend of citrusy brightness, herbal freshness, & warm spices. It captures the essence of a lively & aromatic adventure, providing a sensorial journey that is both invigorating & comforting. This fragrance transcends traditional boundaries, embracing a universal appeal.

This scent opens with a zesty burst of sweet orange, bergamot, & lemon. This citrus symphony creates an invigorating & uplifting introduction. Lemongrass joins the ensemble, infusing a crisp & herbaceous note, while eucalyptus intertwines with warm cassia and clove, adding depth & complexity. At the heart ylang-ylang contributes a sweet & exotic nuance while rosemary lends an herbal touch, adding a layer of sophistication & balance. Base notes of frankincense & turmeric anchor the fragrance, providing a lingering & warm finish. RITUAL is a sensorial journey that is deeply intriguing, unique, & versatile.

Top Notes:Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon,Lemongrass, Eucalyptus,Cassia *
Sweet Orange - represents friendship, love, success, & prosperity. Aromatherapy benefits: uplifting & energizing 
Bergamot is protective & purifying. Aromatherapy benefits: reduces stress & anxiety
Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Clove *
Ylang Ylang - “Ee-lang Ee-lang” allays feelings of negativity, & promotes joy. Aromatherapy benefits: reduces stress
Base Notes: Frankincense, Turmeric *
Frankincense - assists in protection & purification for the mind, body, & spirit. Aromatherapy benefits: reduces stress, anxiety, & depression
Turmeric - provides protection & wards off evil. Aromatherapy benefits: emotional

Infused with Calendula Petals, Citrus Peel (of various organic, local mandarins/oranges) & Amethyst which is closely associated with the third eye chakra & promotes spiritual growth. This crystal is used to bring emotional, spiritual, & mental harmony, aiding in overall balance. Calls in stress relief, communication, healing, inner peace, & spiritual awareness. 

I surrender my worries and attract joyful abundance into my life.

*All essential oils are blended in fractionated coconut oil. Please do not use these fragrance oils if you allergic to coconut.

Kalme Co.’s fragrance rollers are made using essential oils of non-endangered plant species & do not contain any artificial fragrances. A portion of all Fragrance Roller sales will be donated to The Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit that works to protect nature & land stewards by transforming how land is used, production of goods, & consumer choices.