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These are the 2 main products you need for a super-simple-yet-highly-effective skincare routine!! Use the GLOWING Face Mask as a daily (or every-other-day) cleanser & a few drops of LIQUID GOLD as a moisturizer & you’re done! 

Includes: GLOWING Face Mask, 1 Scrub Scooper (to mix the mask), & a 4oz LIQUID GOLD in your blend of choice- original Lavender or Geranium 

You save $4 when you buy this kit! 

Use this Turmeric & Beetroot GLOWING Face Mask to reveal nourished & youthful looking skin that is both balanced & hydrated! The purifying powers of clay come together with the skin-loving benefits of turmeric & beetroot to cleanse, fight free radicals, & correct imperfections. You’ll also get an extra boost from the array of vitamins & antioxidants that your skin will love!

LIQUID GOLD was mindfully formulated to be used as an all over daily moisturizer, helping you minimize your skin & hair care routines. A unique blend of noncomedogenic, dry oils are infused with nourishing botanicals to keep your skin & hair hydrated & balanced. This oil absorbs quickly, helps fight against signs of aging, & when used regularly can help transform your skin (fewer blackheads & breakouts)! This may just be the best thing you’ve ever put on! Comes in two scents, Lavender & Geranium (the geranium scent is lavender-free for those with allergies).