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Our SENSUAL BATH TEA & SENSUAL BATH SALTS combine to give you an incredibly soothing self care ritual that helps you reconnect with your inner desires. This set makes for a great pre-date ceremony or Full Moon bath! Available in an “at home” size & a travel size for when you need to connect with yourself on the go. 

We like to take the extra time to slow down & create ceremony at least 1-2 times a month, often aligning with a moon phase or when life becomes a little overwhelming.

  • We begin this ritual by brewing the Bath Tea in French press, tea pot, or simmering it on the stove.
  • While the tea is steeping we set up the space (bathroom) to include objects that represent the 5 elements -Fire, Earth, Air, Water, & Spirit. This step is not necessary but we find it helps with re-balancing oneself & bringing you out of any headspace you may find yourself in! Setting up can be done by simply lighting a candle (Fire), & bringing in a crystal or plant (Earth), a found feather (Air), a shell or glass of drinking water (which you should do every time you take a warm bath to stay hydrated!), & a journal or intention (Spirit.)
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Run the bath & pour in the Bath Salts or toss in a BATH BAG filled with the Bath Salts (to make clean up easier)
  • As the bath runs meditate, do some breath work, write in the journal, or call in what you’d like to see manifest in the weeks moving forward
  • When the tub is filled, strain the tea into bathwater
  • Speak your intention & gently step into the bath
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes focusing on keeping your mind clear or manifesting what you’re calling in

BATH TEA INGREDIENTS red rose (rosa centifolia)*, damiana leaf (turners diffusa)*, stinging nettle leaf (urtica dioica)*, calendula (calendula mofficinalis)*. *ORGANIC

BATH SALTS INGREDIENTS high quality epsom salts, himalayan pink salt course, himalayan pink salt fine, alaea salt, sodium bicarbonate, non-GMO modified tapioca starch,  red rose (rosa centifolia)*,  stinging nettle leaf (urtica dioica)*, damiana leaf (turners diffusa)*, calendula (calendula mofficinalis)*, ylang ylang (cananga odorata) essential oil*, Australian sandalwood (santalum spicatum) essential oil*, Spanish sage (salvia lavandulifolia) essential oil*, atlas cedarwood (cedrus atlantica) essential oil*. *ORGANIC 

For external use only, do not ingest. Consult with your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.