EVOKE Fragrance Roller
EVOKE Fragrance Roller
EVOKE Fragrance Roller
EVOKE Fragrance Roller
EVOKE Fragrance Roller
Kalme Co.

EVOKE Fragrance Roller

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Imagine a floral fragrance where the very essence of luxury unfolds with the enchanting presence of magnolia & jasmine. This perfume roller EVOKEs a sense of love & embodies a fragrant garden in spring. 

This perfume opens with the ethereal richness of magnolia which blends seamlessly with the delicate citrus-like notes of coriander. As the fragrance evolves, jasmine takes center stage, infusing sophistication & richness into the senses. Delve deeper & the smooth, woody base notes of amyris & patchouli provide depth & mystery, culminating in a harmonious, sophisticated, & inviting bouquet. This  fragrance oil roller offers a captivating & memorable olfactory experience.

Top notes: Magnolia, Coriander *
Magnolia - abundance, growth, & wisdom. Works as a heart opener, bringing acceptance & understanding.Aromatherapy: helps with stress relief. 
Coriander - protection from negative energy. Aromatherapy: anti-anxiety
Heart notes: Jasmine *
Jasmine - attracts love & prosperity. Aromatherapy: uplifting, mood booster 
Base notes: Amyris, Patchouli *
Amyris- balances the mind & emotions, heart opener. Aromatherapy: calming. 
Patchouli - security & grounding. Aromatherapy: relaxing
Infused with Jasmine Buds & Rose Quartz, used for opening the heart chakra, cleansing energy to heal old wounds & past heartbreaks. Calls in kindness, self love, friendship, soothing. 
I invite, trust, happiness, & harmony into my life. I am pure love. My life is filled with more love than I could have ever imagined. 


*All essential oils are blended in fractionated coconut oil. Please do not use these fragrance oils if you allergic to coconut. 

Please note EVOKE contains dried jasmine buds, which can leave small bits of plant material floating in the oil.

Kalme Co.’s fragrance rollers are made using essential oils of non-endangered plant species & do not contain any artificial fragrances. A portion of all Fragrance Rolder sales will be donated to The Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit that works to protect nature & land stewards by transforming how land is used, production of goods, & consumer choices.