Kalme Co.’s fragrance rollers are made using essential oils of non-endangered plant species & do not contain any artificial fragrances, which often cause allergic reactions. 
A portion of all FRAGRANCE Roller sales will be donated to The Rainforest Alliance* a non-profit that works to protect nature & land stewards by transforming how land is used, production of goods, & consumer choices. 
Roller Wands may double as fragrance rollers, however they were formulated wit’s more targeted goals in mind, such as reducing blemishes (acne) or aiding with aches & pains. 
*The organization of choice may change yearly, based on updated information and/or shifts in company values. is the 2024 non profit of choice. If you would like to suggest other non-profits for upcoming cycles, please reach out, we’d love to know what other options align with our customer’s values as well!