CALMING Bath Ritual

Our CALMING BATH TEA and CALMING BATH SALTS combine to make the most relaxing bath ritual to help you de-stress & reset. 

Steep the tea, light a few candles, and take 15 minutes to do some breathwork, restorative yoga, or any peaceful activity is calling to you! Run the bath water, add the salts, then strain in the tea! Set an intention and gently step into this magically soothing and restorative bath. 

This set makes a wonderful new moon ritual as it is grounding and encourages introspective thought.

  • LAVENDER is often used to promote relaxation & balance. Its stress-relieving properties make it an effective mood booster. It helps relieve pain &  inflammation while facilitating an altered state of consciousness.
  • NETTLE LEAF has been used for it’s gentle detoxifying properties from as far back as 3000 BCE. It is strongly associated with protection from unwelcome forces. It helps reduce inflammation and is packed with nutrients, making it a treat for your skin & hair.
  • DANDELION ROOT is a treasured botanical with a long history in traditonal herbal practices. It is an abundant source of vitamins A, B complex, E, K & C. It is also rich in minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc. It may help fight inflammation,  promote liver health & aid in digestion.
  • CHAMOMILE is incredibly soothing for irritated & sensitive skin. It helps to reduce redness & is antibacterial which helps to minimize scars while promoting skin regeneration. It is also used to generate abundance & prosperity.