Sending a gift & want to add a personalized card? Want to let friends know you’re thinking of them to lift their spirits? Someone celebrating a special occasion? Add a card or post card to your order!! 

We LOVE sending cards to let those we care about know we’re thinking of them.. there’s just something nice about having a tangible representation of thought & care, especially in a world where we’re often living in an online-only presence. We save encouraging cards that were sent during difficult times & often read them back when things get tough. We save cards sent out of love during happy times to remember there is always light to be found. We send cards randomly to those we miss & find these are often the most appreciated because they’re unprompted! These cards are now available to help you share those same sentiments & bring joy to those you cherish.

All greeting cards are blank on the inside making them great for all occasions (or non-occasions!)

If you’re sending Kalme products as a gift & want to include a card in the order, simply add the card of choice to the cart & include a message letting us know what you’d like the card to say. We will write the message for you (in the best handwriting we can manage) & include it in the gift!